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Rock Saw

The Bradco Rock Saw is equipped with sideshift and height adjustment features that are electronically controlled from the operator's seat. Using the needle valve flow control adjustment allows precise control of the skid shoe height allowing digging depth to be adjusted "on the go". Some of its features include:

  • • Steel planetary drive delivers high torque.
  • • Standard electro-hydraulic controls, depth controls and side-shift.
  • • Protective shields for hydraulic and electrical components.
  • • Solid hardened steel wheels with greasable manifold pins and secluded greased zerks.

Cold Planer

Cold planers or Road Milling Machines are used to repair and recycle road material making an environmental way to repair roads for smoother driving. In addition to small milling jobs, cold planers are an effective tool for asphalt and concrete pothole and frost heave repair, curb cutting, pavement texturing for improved skid resistance and the removal of traffic lane stripes. Some of its features include:

  • • Independent Self-Leveling Depth Adjustment Plates.
  • • High Rear Spoil Clearance.
  • • Protective Shields for Hydraulic & Electrical Components.
  • • Depth & Tilt Position Indicators.
  • • Exclusive Angled Spoil Guard Wheel Design.
  • • Solid Hardened Steel Wheels.
  • • Optional Water Tank/Pump Available.

Cold Planer attachments by Bradco Attachments has become the primary target of industry professionals when it comes to concrete milling and resurfacing. The wide variety of jobs they can handle makes it extremely cost-effective when put to work.


Bradco Trenchers come in various sizes and specifications. What is common in all the models is the robust design and features which has made this product an industry leader when it comes to trenching. Some of its features include:

  • • Optional hydraulic side shift.
  • • Boom lengths available from 30" to 48" long and 6" to 12" chain widths to match your job's specifications..
  • • Heavy duty wear strips on boom for longer life.
  • • Pivoting crumber shoe to assist with soil removal.
  • • Attaches to skid-steer loaders and is equipped with two position side shift mount.
  • • Maintenance free sealed idler bearing.
  • • Several tooth options are available, Cup, Shark, Rock & Frost.

Auger Drive and Bits

McMillen Augers are made for difficult ground conditions, compacted soils, heavy clay, asphalt, frozen ground and fracturable rock. These Augers feature a heavy-duty cast steel boring head, hardened drive-in gage(outside) and wisdom (inside) teeth. These Augers come in various types like medium duty, heavy duty and rock ripper. Some of their features include:

  • • Made for Light, Moderate and Solid Ground Conditions.
  • • Equipped with Heavy-Duty Double Flighting.
  • • Equipped Hardened Fishtail.
  • • Bullet-Style Teeth.
  • • Fabricated Boring Head.
  • • Solid Hardened Steel Wheels.
  • • Optional Water Tank/Pump Available.


Sweepster, by Paladin, provides high quality sweepers and replacement brushes that are durable enough to perform under the most challenging conditions. Sweepster is the industry leader in rotary brooms and offers a complete line of sweepers for every prime mover and application. Some of the standard features of these sweepers include:

  • • Designed and Manufactured to Construction Grade.
  • • Quick Attach Mounts.
  • • Durable Powder Coat Finish.
  • • Brush Heads of Varying Widths and Diameters.
  • • Brush Material Including Metal, Poly and Mixed Sections.
  • • Reverse Flow and Brush for "Dust Pan" Sweeping.
  • • Industrial Quality Motors.
  • • Tool-less Quick Change Core Available On Most Models.


Lightweight and maneuverable it transports easily in a pickup. The 4.3 hp Honda engine powers the 36" wide, 24" diameter two speed brush, (specify poly or poly & wire mix). A transmission with differential provides 5 speeds forward, neutral and reverse. The large tires and differential provide excellent traction and outstanding maneuverability. Truly a 4-season cleanup machine on pavement and turf cleaning thatch, gravel, and more. Some applications include:

  • • Sidewalk Sweeping.
  • • Driveway Cleaning.
  • • Barn Cleaning.
  • • Turf Cleanup.
  • • Spring Cleanup on Turf.
  • • Retail Outdoor Cleanup.

Construction Utility Forks

JRB Construction Utility Forks by Paladin turn wheel loaders into heavy-duty material handling machines to safely transport large loads of construction related materials. Some of the features include:

  • • Available with manually adjustable tines or hydraulically actuated tines for side-to-side adjustments from the cab.
  • • Tine static load capacities are rated beyond loader lift capabilities.
  • • Fork carriage widths range from 60” to 106”.
  • • Tine lengths range from 48” to 96”.
  • • Optional hydraulic side shift rotation is available.
  • • JRB Quick Hitch Mount standard, Pin-on options available.

Excavator Couplers

Paladin offers a vast range of couplers which includes PinLoc Couplers, Bug Couplers, SmartLoc Couplers, Power Latch Couplers etc. Couplers manufactured by Paladin are one of the most trusted products in construction industry. Some of the various features include:

  • • Genuine "twin locking" with patented ABS (Automatic Blocking System) automatically locks on both front and back pins, even in the event of hydraulic failure.
  • • Universal design compatible with world's best known attachment manufacturers..
  • • Optional CASS (Coupler Alert Safety System) to provide working light and audible alert message that coupler is detached.
  • • Works in shovel or face mode.
  • • Operates with a variety of attachments, including hammers.
  • • Includes machine specific installation kit and one set of attachment pins.
  • • Automation Allows quick and efficient changeover.

Tire Manipulators

CWS Tire Manipulators by Paladin are designed to mount on a wide variety of machines in various applications. These Tire Manipulators are the safest and most efficient way to move, handle and install tires required to run your business. These Manipulators are designed to make tire handling safer and more efficient. They come in various sizes with a capacity of handling tires ranging from 5000 lbs to 40,000 lbs. Some of their features include:

  • • Robust Design.
  • • Tire Fallback Protection.
  • • Manual Central Greasing for Ease of Maintenance.
  • • Load Holding Valves.

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