Brokk Equipment

Brokk is tailor made for high performance demolition. Whether you work in construction, metal processing, nuclear or underground, this power-packed demolition robot gives you the competitive edge to win the contract and the effectiveness and reliability to finish the job. Provides more than 10 types that are sufficient for all types of businesses.


Brokk demolition robots give you more power in a smaller package. Whether the work environment is construction, metal processing, nuclear or underground, the almost frighteningly strong Brokk makes it the ideal solution for effective, versatile, and profitable demolition and maintenance work. A five-ton Brokk is as powerful as a 25-ton excavator, and the smallest 500kg Brokk gets the job done 500-600 (!) percent faster than with handheld tools.


The remote-controlled Brokk enables the operator to maneuver the machine more effectively with a better view of the work.